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でも、働く者の権利のための活動は、けっしてやさしいものではありません。だから、 組合員は、お互いに支援しあい、助けあいながら行動します。


The National Union of General Workers Nambu has been helping  workforces of small and medium-sized companies, as well as individuals, organize into a powerful labor movement since 1956.

“Nambu”, as our union is affectionately known, has a 2500-strong membership centered predominately in south Tokyo, around the Minato-ku area.  We welcome old and young, male and female, Japanese nationals and foreign workers alike. Age, sex or nationality should never interfere with the rights of workers in Japan.

The workplaces we service and represent in labor-management discussions are various, but ultimately, the level of union activity depends on the will of the unionized workforce of any particular company.

As for our purpose, we aim to achieve workplaces that meet the standards of safety and secure working conditions by law; we negotiate for wages that will allow our members to live well and be healthy for themselves and their dependents; we aim for work environments that are free from harassment and discrimination.  Although at times, these goals can be a struggle to achieve, with mutual support and the active participation and cooperation of our members, we have achieved them and will continue to do so into Japan’s future.  This is what being a union has meant to us.

United we stand, divided we fall!