Union Rights



ストライキなどの団体行動を行う争議権 を、











● Forming a union is a right guaranteed in Japan’s Constitution.  Article 28 clearly states that this is a basic right of all workers; specifically all workers are entitled to:

  • the right to organize where a worker has created/joined a union and/or simply works
  • the right of laborers to request and be granted collective bargaining with management as equals
  • the right to have collective bargaining with person / people in management who have the authority to effect change for the worker(s)
  • the right to strike as an individual or as a group and like actions etc.
  • basic human rights, which are the same as social rights


  • it is not necessary to ask permission of the company in order to form a union or to participate in one
  • there is no obligation to ever disclose or declare a worker’s participation in a union to management

●  Anyone who chooses to unite is considered part of the Union.  The Union bases its principles on equality.  Race, nationality, religion, and sex are not discriminated against, nor are background or social class.  As well, people who have part-time jobs; part-time contracts or dispatch work are welcome to join the Union.  The National Union of General Workers Nambu welcomes any and all workers as long as they are not in managerial positions.  You are never alone, when you join the Union!

● The Union protects workers.  Our strength is in our numbers and in our active membership.  Building our voice, one worker at a time, it is possible to challenge management and to call them to listen to our demands.  Historically, and in practice, it is through strong unions that workplaces all over the world have improved.  In order to build a good work environment and to protect your rights, it makes sense to join the Union.

The Nation Union of General Workers Nambu gathers strength with every member it is able to protect and fight for.